Rain Spark Gallery

Where to see and buy my stuff

I’m very pleased, excited, and honored to participate in Rain Spark Gallery. Most of the 35 artists were formerly with the LO Holiday Gallery, and now we have a much bigger space in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego. All of the work is done by the artists. I’m one of the few people with […]

November 26, 2017

Pussyhats in action

Pussyhats, Pussyhats in Action

I’ve received a couple of photos of my pussyhat recipients, and took one of myself in the Portland march. I’ll add more as they arrive. The first came from a woman from Wyoming as she and friends were in Washington, D.C. preparing for the march: Here’s me in Portland. There were lots of wonderful signs, […]

January 22, 2017

Even more pussyhats!

Dabblings, Pussyhats

Yesterday I delivered 14 fleece hats to Fiber Rhythm and Dawn told me she had been getting lots of calls requesting hats. I went to the Mill End store in Milwaukie and bought more pink fleece and last night and today sewed 12 more hats. Whew! Women’s marches are tomorrow, and after that I can […]

January 20, 2017

Payment for pussyhats

Dabblings, Pussyhats

Some people charge money for pussyhats they make and that’s fine. Mine are free of charge because it’s enough for me to think about all of the people wearing them in the upcoming women’s marches. The one thing I would appreciate from someone who gets one of my hats is a photo of the recipient […]

January 11, 2017

Reversible fleece pussyhats

Dabblings, Pussyhats

The fleece hats I’m making are just an inner layer inside out inside of the outer layer. The inner layer shows in the cuff. If the two layers are different colors, the cuff is a different color than the main part of the hat, and the hat is reversible. You can also fold the bottom […]

January 11, 2017

Fleece pussyhats for Portland marchers

Dabblings, Pussyhats

Knitting a hat takes me a very long time, so I bought some pink microfleece and started sewing hats this morning. It’s cold outside with lots of beautiful snow, so I tested one by walking around the block; the hat kept my head nice and warm. Lots of neighbors are planning to participate in the […]

January 11, 2017